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Advanced Solutions for Modern Film & Television Production Spaces

StudioSpecs works with architects, engineers, contractors, and end-users in the design and technical specification of motion picture and broadcast production spaces. 


From the smallest webcast and corporate studios, to the largest audience-rated soundstages, our group provides design consultation and budgeting support for today's advanced production facilities.

Bringing the Owner's Vision to Life Via Focused Design and Specifications

Happy Architect

We know what it's like to tackle a new project.  It can be daunting.  Whether we're working to upfit an existing space, or are consulting in the development of a new and exciting blue sky project, StudioSpecs brings our expertise and years of proven experience to the table.

Every project starts with a complimentary consultation, where the end-user (and other project principals you may already be working with) share the vision, and key requirements with our team.  Of course, we understand the importance of good communication!  
Throughout every phase of design, construction, and commissioning, StudioSpecs will seamlessly coordinate with architects, engineers, manufacturers, and construction trades to ensure the project's success.

Contact us to get a conversation started!

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