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If the wind is right, you can sail away and find tranquility here...

Black Rum, Aged Rum, Apricot Liquer, ER Coconut Creme, Lime Juice 

Barbados Rum Punch


A bitter & sweet Grog, worthy of a proper Pirate!

Blended Aged Rum, Bitters, ER Syrup, Lime Juice (Add Souvenir Glass for $12.50)

Signature Drink Menu

Mai Tai


A Hawai'ian Favorite

Blended Aged Rum, Dry Curacao, ER Mai Tai Syrup, Orgeat, Lime Juice

Scorpion Island


An Irresistable, tasty punch Concoction for up to Six Castaways!

Lightly Aged Rum, Dry Gin, Brandy, Orgeat, ER Demerara Syrup, Orange Juice, Lime Juice

(Add Souvenir Bowl for $12.50)

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